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Mrs Gilderdale’s email address is caroline.gilderdale@dunnington.yorkschools.net

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Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Thematic Overview Reception Spring 2020

This Spring half term, our main topics are The Arctic and Florence Nightingale! The children are already enjoying roleplay in our Arctic hideout , where they are wildlife explorers and adventurers! We are studying the book, The Alaskan Three Little Pigs, making icebergs and ice moulds and learning a great deal about the wildlife at our Northern Polar region. Likewise, our Doctor’s Surgery is providing endless opportunities for treatment and healing! We will be comparing modern medicinal practice  ( through a visit from a local doctor), to that of the nineteenth century. All in all, our curriculum promises to be a very varied and flexible, as we respond the interests of your children.

If you have any resources or books on these themes, we would love to borrow them please.Also, you may like to do some further research at home with your child.We always love to share any work done outside the classroom setting. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Caroline Gilderdale