Welcome to Year 1!

Staffing in Key Stage 1

The children in Years 1 and 2 are organised in three classes supported by Mr Gargiulo as the phase leader.  

This year Miss Jarvis will be teaching Year 1 and will be supported two mornings per week by Mrs Birkenshaw (teaching assistant).

Mrs Lockwood will be teaching on Thursday mornings to enable Miss Jarvis to take statutory non-contact PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time.

Our Teaching and Learning

As a school, we take a thematic approach to planning for the new curriculum. Each term will have a theme to engage and excite the children and sometimes we will have a celebration event at the end, which parents will often be invited to share in. Wherever possible, activities and tasks in individual curriculum areas will link to the termly theme, helping the children to build cross-curricular links between different areas of knowledge.

All teaching will be differentiated to meet the needs of each individual within the group, class or cohort. This ensures we provide children with learning experiences which best suit their needs at any given time, based on prior assessment and knowledge of their individual ways of learning.

Curriculum Overview


If you feel there is something you would like to discuss with me (that is not urgent), please drop me an email. Please remember that while I endeavour to check my e-mail on a daily basis this may not always be possible so please be patient. For issues requiring urgent attention please contact the school office or catch me in the playground. Although we cannot meet in school at present, if you would like to arrange a telephone meeting please send me an email and we can schedule this in.