Photographs & Children’s Work

As part of the wider opportunities music scheme, Year 4 have been learning the ukulele and the clarinet this year. Here is one class performing a song on the ukulele!

Outdoor Learning in Year 4 – Science and Maths

During this year, the children had great fun learning about cooking and nutrition at Pizza Express. On our return, we had a little picnic in the classroom where we ate our pizza creations!

In Year 4 the children have been writing some stories set in imaginary worlds. They then created some background sound tracks to accompany their stories, using their ICT skills. Have a listen to one of the sound tracks below!

The Year 3 class have had a very busy Autumn term!

On Wednesday the 9th the children in Year 4 had a wonderful woodland adventure.

We are learning lots this term!

The children made some splendid homework projects for our Egyptian topic.

The drama workshop was great fun.

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