The School Day


Every lesson counts. Every interaction matters. Every day is vital.

<span class="su-quote-cite">Dunnington CE Primary Attendance and Puctuality Policy</span>

We will continue with slightly staggered starts to allow those parents, with children in different key stages, to drop off and pick up in each playground, where applicable.

  • School starts at 8:55am and finishes at 3:25pm for the children in EYFS and KS1.
  • For the children in KS2, registration is at 8:45 and the school day finishes at 3:15pm.
  • In both cases there are 32.5 compulsory school hours in a typical week.

Please be on time – but better late than never.

Try not to have the children waiting in the playground too early, especially in cold or wet weather; five minutes before school begins is early enough. KS2 children should not arrive before 8:40am.

Our full policy for Attendance and Punctuality can be found on our Policies Page.

The school hours are as follows:


8:55am to 12 noon
Registration 8:55-9:05am
12 noon – 1:00pm lunch
1:00pm to 3:25pm
Registration 1:00-1:05pm
(6 hours 30 minutes daily)


8:45am to 12 noon
Registration 8:45-8:55am
12 noon – 1:00pm lunch
1:00pm to 3:15pm
Registration 1:00-1:05pm
(6 hours 30 minutes daily)

We are trialling a ‘soft start’ in Reception and Key Stage One in Autumn 2023. Instead of lining up on the Key Stage One playground, children can go straight into the classroom at any time between 8:50am and 8:55am. There will always be staff members outside, who will be able to take any messages, and there will always be a member of staff in the classroom, who will support the children to come in, get settled and begin their morning activities.

We hope that this soft start will help all of the children come in without any anxiety, it will stop the cloakrooms from being too crowded at the start of the day and it will also give the staff more opportunity to greet the children individually and make sure they are calm and settled for the day ahead. Thank you to all parents in reception and KS1 for supporting us in changing the start of the day arrangements.