Useful Weblinks

During the school year we are teaching the children to become more and more independent when using computers and ipads so please ask your child what websites and apps they have used as they are probably your best source of information!  We are teaching the children how to safely use google to search for information so please encourage this too.

A good selection of worksheets for your child to practise maths or literacy skills can be found linked to our topics on: 

There are many excellent educational websites available to help your children practise and consolidate their learning. Here are a few very good ones.

General Early Years sites

Teaching phonics


Stories Online


Multiplication tables links to popular music choices:

2 x table facts

3 x table facts

4 x table facts

10 x table facts

5 x table facts

There are more examples of Mr DeMaio and his brilliant method of learning times tables facts online.

Link to a new maths app called Maths Rocks:

Ourselves topic