Our House System

In 2018, our school council worked with the pupil body to introduce a new house point system across the school.

They decided that, on entry to school, all pupils would be allocated to one of four houses: Craven (Green), Rowntree (Yellow), Terry (Blue) or Tuke (Red). The houses were named after famous confectioners in the York area.

House points form a part of our whole school reward system at Dunnington CE Primary School. Events such as sports day bring children together to compete in their houses. The house system encourages a team ethos across the school and allows children of all ages to have a common goal.

Whilst good behaviour and a positive attitude to learning is expected, our house points are used to reward children for ‘taking that extra step’ for example;

  • Helping and caring for others,
  • High levels of enthusiasm, courtesy, collaboration or cooperation,
  • Persevering with a challenge,
  • Striving to improve.

Each half term, we count up the number of house points and provide the leading house with a small treat/incentive e.g. a non-uniform day, additional playtime etc.