Year 3/4 Homework

Reading Homework

It would be great if you could spare some time to listen to your child read regularly.  Encouraging children to read regularly helps them to develop an enjoyment of books and also helps them to improve their writing skills.

Your child will be provided with a reading record, to provide an indication of their reading progress. Children will be able to select a book from the class or school library in their current book band, or within their year group level, to read in school and at home. We ask that children bring their reading record in between home and school, to help keep a regular record, and encourage them to read and make comments about books on completion in their reading record. Please feel free to write any comments you may have in your child’s reading record as well. Although we would like children to have a school reading book from the library, they are welcome to read books alongside these from home.

We will also look at different texts and books together as a class, and we will be completing a whole class reading lesson most days. Your child will also have sessions of one-to-one reading with the Teacher or Teaching Assistant, where possible. 

Spelling and Mental Maths Homework

Below are the links to the spelling and mental maths homework for the term.  Each week the children are given ten spellings and mental maths questions to learn. They will also learn more about the spelling rules and patterns within school. There may be some weeks where a personalised spelling list is sent out for your child to learn, in which case a paper copy of the spellings will be sent home.

A spelling and mental maths test will take place on a Friday on the indicated date.

Mental Maths Objectives Autumn 2023 Y3

Mental Maths Objectives Autumn 2023 Y4

Spellings Autumn Term 1 Y3

Spellings Autumn Term 2 Y3

Spellings Autumn Term 1 Y4

Spellings Autumn Term 2 Y4

Mental Maths Objectives Spring 2023

Spellings Spring Term 1 Y3

Spellings Spring Term 1 Y4

Spellings Spring Term 2 Y3

Spellings Spring Term 2 Y4

Spellings Summer Term 1 Y3

Spellings Summer Term 1 Y4

Maths Homework Summer 2024


High Frequency Words

Listed below are the first “High Frequency” words that children are expected to learn. There is also the list of statutory words that children are expected to know by the end of Year 4.

Times Tables

Times table practice should ideally be on-going throughout the year, with the children completing times table tasks regularly within school and practising at home. Year 3 should know 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables, including division facts by the end of the year. Year 4 are expected to know all of the times table facts up to 12 X 12 by the end of the year. TT-Rock Star’s has been updated for the new year groups, but if you have any login problems, please do let us know.

Homework Time

It is intended that the homework will take no more than 30-35 minutes to complete over the week and there will be no expectation for children to take longer than this, if they find it challenging.

Extra Resources

Ways to help your child with English

Ways to help your child with Maths