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Dear Parents,

This term, our topic is taken , as usual, from our three-yearly plan and is based on the Olympics. Of course, there is still some uncertainty about whether or not the event will take place in Tokyo, but we will carry on regardless!

The children are also very keen to pursue a holiday themed topic, so we will be creating a role play campsite, holiday cottage, camp shop and a seaside tearoom and gearing some of our learning objectives around this too. If you have any pop up tents you would be able to lend us please, we would be very grateful. It would probably be better if they were older tents, as they will get quite a lot of use!

We are also continuing with our whole school PHSE curriculum-JIGSAW, and this half term we are concentrating on ‘Changing Me’ Our lessons will be:-

My Body-naming parts, Respecting my body, Growing up, Fun and Fears ( preparation for going into Y1), Celebration

With best wishes

Caroline Gilderdale



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