Values and Ethos as a Church School

School Values Display

Responsibility, Enjoyment, Security, Politeness, Effort, Care, Tolerance


On this page you will find information about Dunnington C of E Primary School as a church school.

Our Mission Statement and School Values are based around a strong Christian ethos which underpin all that we do.



We hold daily acts of Collective Worship which are broadly Christian in nature, whilst also celebrating and embracing other major world faiths. Worship is led by clergy and lay readers from St Nicholas Church and also by the Minister from the local Methodist church. School staff regularly lead Worship and pupils also prepare and feed into ideas for celebration.  

Weekly overview of Collective Worship

We welcome any parents, grandparents or carers who would like to come and join us for our Thursday Clergy – led Collective Worship. These are 9.10am-9.30am. Please just sign in at the office and join us in the school hall.


Each term, we focus on one overarching Christian value which feeds into the everyday life of the school. This term the value is COURAGE

This is centrally displayed to provide a focal point for the school. Children are frequently invited to contribute thoughts or prayers based on this theme and these are also displayed . The  term’s Christian value underpins the daily life of the school and our aim is to embed it fully so that it is relevant and ‘real’ to pupils, staff and parents.

The long term plan of Collective Worship for the school highlights the coverage of Christian values. As this plan looks well ahead, it may of coursebe subject to change as we move through the year. 


Every half term, different classes help to plan, deliver and evaluate Collective Worship for the rest of the school. The themes can be based on the weekly theme or on topical issues as they occur.


Father Nick , Lisa Horton, ( Children and Families Worker at St Nicholas’s church) and Mark Poole, the new curate at the church, regularly prepare  prepare some  lovely Collective Worship for us.




Each class has a special area for reflection and prayer. This provides a quiet focus for daily collective thought . Themes for reflection are broadly based around the term’s Christian value and each week we celebrate the achievements of children who have shown particular empathy or application of that value.

Decorating our Christmas Tree

Celebrating Advent with the Worship Group

Carols by Candlelight


This was a very special event for everyone.

Each pupil made a poppy shaped night light holder. The staff set them out in the shape of a giant star and then each candle was lit. The children sat in complete silence as we watched the light from the candles grow. We played very spiritual music by Faure and Elgar to set an atmosphere of respect and remembrance. Teachers read poems, readings and prayers.

The occasion was very moving and something we will always remember.


We like to welcome visitors from many different faiths and christian denominations. We love to hear about the way in which their faith helps them lead their lives. We are also interested in the many similarities there are between the  values and principles of all religions.

Richard Safhill came to visit.

Richard is from the York Quaker Community. He spoke  to the whole school about the way in which Quakers worship together and he led us in silent reflection. We all found it very interesting and informative. Thank you Richard!

A visit from Ben Rich of York Liberal Jewish Community.

It was really interesting. Ben brought a very special Torah to show us.It contains writings from the first few books of the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. He also told us about the Jewish synagogues and most importantly, reminded us all that Jesus was a Jew.

Abid Salik from York mosque and Islamic Centre

 Abid is the Iman at York Mosque. He visited us to teach us  about Islam. We learnt about the sacred text of the Quran and discovered it shared much of the same material as the Christian Old Testament. We also learnt about the Mosque and that Muslims pray five times a day.

Suki Matharu

Suki Matharu from the Sikh community brought many interesting items to teach us about Sikhism.We learnt that a Sikh place of worship is called a Gurdwara and that Sikhs are very hospitable, welcoming everyone of all faiths to join them in meals in the Gurdwara. 

Suki showed us how to tie a turban.

She demonstrated on Father Nick!

Each term YOYO comes in to deliver Collective Worship, based on a Christian theme, such as Easter, Harvest or Christmas.  Here are some pictures from their Christmas visit.

The Bishop of Selby joined us for lunch and then delivered Collective Worship for the school.