Photographs & Children’s Work 2021-22

Church Visit – 16th May

As part of our RE unit on ‘What places are special and why?’, we visited St Nicholas’ Church in Dunnington, where we received a fantastic guided tour by Reverend Mark. The children asked lots of really thoughtful questions and were really excited to explore and learn more.

Building a Wormery

We made some wormeries to study the work of the worm underground!

Growing Hairy Caterpillars

We made some fantastic hairy caterpillars to link to our ‘Growing’ topic. The children worked in groups to plant the grass seed and to customise their caterpillars!

Easter Gardens – Spring 2022

During our ‘Growing’ topic, the children in Reception enjoyed laying out and planting their Easter gardens to support their work on the Easter story.


Photograph Archive

Why not take a look through our archive to see some of the fun things we have done in the past?