Year 5 Homework

Homework Books

We will be providing children with homework books this year. Homework will be based on what the children have been learning that week or may be an opportunity to investigate an upcoming topic. If you have any comments or concerns, please can you write on their current piece of homework or come into school and see us.

We hope this will help to keep you aware of what your child should be doing at home. If for some reason your child has not been able to complete their homework please let us know. On some occasions (e.g. during performance practice) there may not be any homework set.

This year homework will be set on a Thursday or a Friday to be returned the following Tuesday. If a homework is late and not accounted for then a ‘late’ mark will be given out. Two ‘late’ marks will result in that child losing their break time. Homework should be taken care over and handwriting and presentation need to be to the same standard as in class. If your child is struggling, please encourage them to talk to us rather than worrying about it.

Reading records will also be going home so that children or parents can record any reading that the children do at home. These do, however, need to be in school on a Tuesday for us to check – we would hope that your child could manage to read at least 3 times during the week. We can also use these books to record our own comments about your child’s reading.

Times Tables

Similar to in previous years, your child will have an account with Times Table Rockstars. They can earn points and keep a track of their speed, as well as updating their avatar! It is important that by Year 5 children have secured their knowledge of the times table facts up to 12 x 12, as it will come in handy for many maths topics. Please encourage your child to regularly practise their times tables at home, either on Times Table Rockstars or via another method.


Spellings are sent out at the beginning of each half-term and will be tested each week on a Friday. Spellings this year will follow a different pattern to what your child is used to. We will have a weekly spelling session where children will be learning, consolidating and revising rules for various letter strings. Children will be given a set of words focusing on a particular letter string – please encourage them to learn these patterns / rules. The weekly test will then require them to spell words using the letter string correctly in dictated sentences. There will also be 2 words each week off the Year 5/6 Spelling list.

Spellings Autumn Half Term 1

Spellings Autumn Half Term 2

Spellings Spring Half Term 1

Spellings Spring Half Term 2