Governance and the Local Governing Body

Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The role of a governing body, often described as being a “critical friend”, is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school.

For information about governance in the South York Multi-Academy Trust, including information about the Trustees and Members of the board and financial information including the funding agreement, articles of association and audited annual accounts, please see the MAT website.

The Local Governing Body is made up of representatives of the school staff, parents, the Local Authority and members of the local community who, in addition to participating in the full Local Governing Body, may also serve on sub-committees.  The sub-committees are:

  • Finance and Resources
  • School Improvement
  • Headteacher Appraisal
  • Teachers’ Pay
  • Pay Appeals

The Governing Body

Name of GovernorCategory of
Appointing Body*Term of OfficeCommittee MembershipAdditional
Ros WilliamsFoundationDiocesan Board01/09/17 -30/08/21Finance & Resources
Teachers' Pay
Vice Chair of LGB
Chair of Pay Appeals
Safeguarding Governor
SEND Governor
Reverend Nick BirdFoundation
(ex officio)
By virtue of office
(ex officio)
08/01/09 -ongoingFinance & Resources
Caroline HancyPrincipal of
the Academy (Headteacher)
By virtue of office
(ex officio)
01/03/18 -ongoingFinance & Resources
School Improvement
Charlotte ToddStaffStaff Body01/12/18 -30/11/23School Improvement
Kerry SwainParentParent Body14/11/16 -13/11/20School Improvement
Rachel RobinsonParentParent Body1/12/19 -30/11/23School Improvement
Paul RobinsonParentParent Body1/12/19 -30/11/23School Improvement
Sally TulleyTrust AppointedLGB06/07/19 -05/07/23Finance & ResourcesSafeguarding Governor
Rachel SavegeTrust AppointedLGB06/07/19 -05/07/23Finance & Resources
HT Appraisal
Teachers' Pay
Vice Chair of LGB
Sarah WearingTrust AppointedLGB01/03/18 -28/02/22Finance & Resources
Pay Appeals
Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee
Kevin HallTrust AppointedLGB04/06/18 -03/06/22Finance & Resources
Teachers' Pay
Chair of LGB
Chair of Headteacher Appraisal & Teachers' Pay
*Diocesan Board = York Diocesan Board of Education (following consultation with the Parochial Church Council of the parish in which the school is situated)
Staff Body = Staff Body under the MAT’s Scheme of Delegation
Parent Body = Parent body, under the MAT’s Scheme of Delegation, or by appointment of the LGB under specific circumstances
LGB = Local Governing Body, with the approval [of the Chair] of the MAT Board

Governors’ Declarations of Business, Financial & Relevant Interests

GovernorNature of InterestDate of start of InterestGovernor/Trustee at another school or Academy?Relationship to any member of school/MAT staff?
Ros WilliamsNoneN/ANoneNone
Reverend BirdNoneN/AYes - Warthill/
Sand Hutton
Caroline HancyMrs Hancy’s husband works for Sewell FM who provide the cleaning and facilities management on the school site30/06/2003NoneNone
Charlotte Toddi)Mrs Todd’s husband works for JH Shouksmith (Plumbing and Heating)
ii)Mrs Todd’s daughter is employed by York City Foundation as a coach and manager
i) since start of employment at school
ii) March 2020
Kerry SwainNoneN/ANoneNone
Rachel RobinsonNoneN/ANoneNone
Paul RobinsonNoneN/ANoneNone
Sally TulleyNoneN/ANoneNone
Rachel SavegeNoneN/ANoneNone
Sarah Wearingi)Miss Wearing is a member of LLP HPH Accountants LLP;
ii)Director and shareholder at Absolute Business Computing Solutions Ltd;
iii)Director of York Against Cancer Trading Company Ltd;
iv)Director and Trustee of York Against Cancer
i) 01/07/2013
ii) 01/07/2014
iii) 10/03/2020
iv) 06/08/2018
Kevin HallNoneN/ANoneNone

Former Members of the FGB who have stepped down in the past year

Name of GovernorCategory of
Appointing BodyTerm of
Declaration of
Relevant Interests
Angela Smith Trust AppointedLGB24/9/19 -11/10/20School ImprovementN/A
Simon ParkinsonFoundationDiocesan Board01/09/17 -20/7/20Finance & Resources
HT Appraisal
Teachers' Pay
Grahame HodsonParentParent Body01/12/15 -30/11/19School ImprovementChair of the School Improvement CommitteeN/A
Ian HughesParentParent Body01/12/15 -30/11/19Finance & ResourcesN/A

Governing Body Meeting Attendance