Cooking and Nutrition

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On Thursday 5th May we were visited by Darren from Roots to Food, a Company dedicated to educating children in food nutrition, healthy lifestyle and inspiring them to cook healthy meals.

It was a fun day for all the children… and staff! In the morning, Year 3 and 4 pupils took part in a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ competition with a twist. They were up against the clock, with only 15 minutes to produce a healthy and well balanced meal. The orange team, who was led by Miss Dunn, cooked Pan Fried Chicken in a Tomato Pesto Sauce Served with Steamed Pasta and Wilted Greens. The green team had Mrs Jones as their lead chef and cooked Cheese and Chive Salmon Cakes with Steamed Citrus Scented Rice Served with Oriental Stir Fry Vegetables. They both taste as good as they sound! The children in Year 3 and 4 supported the cooking efforts by cheering along and encouraging the teams. Some children also took part in tasting and feedback, before it was then time for everyone to cast their vote. It was very close, only a few votes in it, but the victory went to the orange team! However, all the children who took part did an amazing job of cooking the meals and after tasting both dishes, I couldn’t decide my favourite as they were both truly delicious!

In the afternoon, children In Reception and KS1 took part in a healthy lifestyle workshop. They learnt how important it is to eat five different fruits and vegetables a day and to be active through various exercises. The children described the afternoon as great fun! At the end, they got to make and drink a delicious smoothie made from tropical fruits, which was one of their five a day.

Darren inspired the children to take part in cooking at home. So I have put a link to both recipes cooked on the day below, for all children at Dunnington CE Primary to try and cook at home. I would like to set up a display of pictures that show the children cooking the healthy meals at home, so if you cook them at home, take a picture and send it to me!

Cheese and Chive Salmon Cakes

Pan Fried Chicken Tomato Pesto

Have fun cooking and tasting the healthy meals that you have prepared.

Miss Sheard