For children moving into Y1LJ (September 2020)

Hello and welcome to Year 1! We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us and it’s great to have this week to get to know each other before the summer holidays. To get us started I’ve put together some activities, splitting them into School Learning and Wednesday Extra Activities. If you’re sending your child into school please don’t attempt the school learning section, but feel free to join in with my Wednesday extras to keep you busy! Alongside the resources on here, I will be adding a few videos onto Seesaw to introduce some of the challenges, so please do take a look if you can. Although I don’t post all the activities on Seesaw, please feel free to take photos or upload any work you’ve completed at home as I love seeing what you’ve been up to and sharing my feedback.

When we come back in September our topic is all about story telling and fairytales, so some activities will get us started on this during the week, while others will just give us a chance to learn more about each other and on Wednesday there’s the chance to enjoy one of my favourite stories!

I hope you have a fantastic transition week and I can’t wait to get to know you all!

Miss Jarvis


School Learning:

Wednesday Bonus Activities:

School Learning:

Getting to Know You:

1.All About Me Ice Cream: Use the attached template to write about yourself, drawing a picture of yourself in the top ice cream scoop OR draw your own! (In school we have printed this as A3 so I have attached a PDF of it in A3 and one where 2 A4 sheets can be stuck together).

2. What I Want to Learn Lolly: Using the attached template, or drawing your own, fill an as many ice lollies as you like with things you’d like to learn about next year. It could an animal you want to find out more about, you might want to learn how to paint like an artist or see what it’s like to live in Japan! Whatever it is, share your ideas of what you want to discover!


  1. Cheddar the Dog Writing: Take a look at the attached picture of Miss Jarvis’ dog Cheddar and watch my video on Seesaw to meet her! Can you write some sentences about Cheddar? (You could do this on the sheet provided or in your learning book).


Fairytale Addition: To get us started on September’s new topic, have a go at the attached fairytale addition challenges OR write your own addition sums to 10 or 20 in your book perhaps using the picture attached or your own books to give you ideas for numbers.


Fairytale Paper Plates: Make your own paper plate of your favourite fairytale character. See the attached ideas sheet to get you started.

Wednesday Bonus Activities:

Getting to Know You:

3 Facts Challenge: See my welcome to Year 1 video on Seesaw and share 3 interesting facts about yourself. You could send a video, voice message or text comment on Seesaw.

Story Time & Art:

1. Story Time: The Lion Inside: Watch and enjoy my story video on Seesaw and why not have a go at answering some of the questions I ask too!

2. The Lion Inside Art: Turn yourself into a lion by printing a black and white photo of yourself and painting on your mane and whiskers OR draw your face in pencil and then paint on your mane and whiskers. Why not post a picture of you as a lion on Seesaw. An example of this can be seen at the end of my story time video.


I love listening to stories! I wonder if you could record a video or voice recording of you reading a story on Seesaw for me to enjoy?