For children moving into Y2 DA/LR (September 2020)

Welcome to your new Year 2 class! We look forward to welcoming you all back in September. For now we have some activities you can have a go at this week or during the Summer holidays! Lots of these activities are available on Seesaw, in your new class, for you all to have a go at! Good luck and have fun!

Transition activities

The Victorian toys 60 second card is also on Seesaw and we are hoping that the children could leave a video or voice recording of them having a go at reading it!

The Science experiment will be taking place in school with the year 1s that are in for the last week. For those that are not it might be a nice experiment to try out at home.

In school we will be drawing on these and then painting over them so the children can think about next year and what they enjoy in School!

This activity pack is designed to keep the children going over the summer period if they so wish! Lots of fun activities for the children to have a go at!

These are the words that the children need to learn to read and spell throughout Year 2. You could start practising a few of these over the summer holiday.

Fun for the whole family and some nice Maths with the Beetle drive game!

A scavanger hunt is a great way of keeping the children thinking and busy!

This should get the children thinking of the school year they’ve just had!

Transition week timetable in school

This is the timetable for the week in school. 13/07/2020

Most of the activities will be the same as the ones posted above.