For children moving into Y4 KP/ES (September 2020)

 Hello and welcome to our wonderful new class – Year 4!

Mrs Subritzky and I are looking forward to getting to know you a little more this week. We can’t wait to see all your happy smiling faces back in school in September. We are so excited to see you all! I am especially looking forward to our morning chats and getting started with the writing project again! 

On Seesaw there is a little video from me, for those of you who I have only taught for French, to find out a little bit more about me. And for those of you who have been in our class, then hopefully you will find out something new about me that you may not know! Both Mrs Subritzky and I feel lucky to have you all in our class and that at some points over the year, we have already taught all of you.

This week, we have set you a range of tasks that you can complete in any order, the choice is yours!

English: Video and pictures on Seesaw

A mini adventure!

This week, we would like you to write a mini adventure. You are going to pretend that whilst playing outside you have been shrunken down to being just 10 cm tall and find yourself amongst the grass in your back garden!

How will you escape back to the safety of your house?

What creatures will you encounter on your journey back? Think about the bugs animals and pets that maybe lurking in your garden and how big they will be compared to you.

What flowers, trees and plants will you see and what is the weather like? E.g. How can you use them as shelter from the rain or sun?

Describe how the plants look now that you are much smaller.

Do you make a friend along your journey? How do they help you return to the safety of your house?

Twist –

You can change the setting of this story to your bedroom, the bathroom, a park, school or even a supermarket! The choice is yours. Have fun writing creatively with your imagination! We can’t wait to read your stories. You could even illustrate your story and make it into a book.

To help, on Seesaw we have included the opening scene from a Bug’s Life to give you a sense of the size you will be and some photographs to help you see things from being only 10 cm tall!


Year 4 Summer booklet

You can work through the booklet at your own pace. We have put up the Year 4 one for you as this will help you to see what some of the Maths will look like in Year 4.

12 Minute Challenge!

I know you really enjoy these, so here are a few for you. Send in the time it takes you to complete the 160 challenge! And how many you got correct in the time.

Instructions: Children jot down their time if completed within 12 minutes. Each product is worth 1 point, except the 16 products in the bottom right hand corner, which are worth 2 points each.

Try the Japanese method of multiplication

This is a tricky task for if you want to really challenge yourself!

Splendid Sudoku

A fun activity for you to try at home.

Art and Design

Summer sun!

Andy Warhol was a famous artist who created lots of artwork, including a style called Pop Art. He would reprint a photograph (often of a celebrity) lots of different times using different bright colours in each reprint.

The sun is strongest during the summer so wearing sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Produce your own sunglasses Pop Art! Colour in each pair of sunglasses and the background of each section. Pop Art isn’t meant to be realistic so use strong, bright colours. The lenses on each pair of sunglasses could even be different colours to each other.

3D origami – video on Seesaw to support

Over the weeks, we have seen that you like Origami. So, I thought you would like to make a mobile using origami. There are two designs to choose from; doves or vintage cars. Print out the ones you like and get folding and making! All of the models can be made with using just scissors and folding, no craft cutter is needed. Once you have made as many as you like, you can attach string to the top of them and use a branch/stick to hang them up on the wall.

Desert project

Here is a little project for you this week, with a slight summer theme! As some of you may know, I really like house plants and I also grow lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables in my garden, some with more success than others! I find it fascinating how plants are adapted to suit their environment and, in the Desert, both animals and plants have to alter their patterns to survive there. So, I thought we could do a little class project on the Deserts of the world as they are interesting places to learn about. We hope you enjoy it too!

PowerPoint and Geography map activity

To start with, you can view the PowerPoint on desert habitats to find out all about them and then complete the activity on mapping the deserts.

Desert animals

Have a read through these to find out all about what animals live there and how they are adapted to survive in such harsh conditions.

Can you have a go at designing a creature that lives in the desert? Think about what they will look like and what adaptations they will need in order to survive. Draw and label a picture of them and give your animal a name. We cant wait to see them on Seesaw!

Desert plants

Here are some activities to do related to plants in the desert. You can find out about them, complete the word search and then, if you like, you can build mini paper cacti to decorate your room at home!

English – desert poem

Can you write a desert poem that we can display in our new classroom at school? If you send it into Seesaw, then I will print out and display, ready for you all to see in September.

When we think about deserts, we think of the words hot, dry and dangerous. Using these words, can you use a thesaurus to find better alternatives for them and create a list of fabulous vocabulary that describes the desert conditions. What others words describe the desert? Then, using all these, can you write a poem about the desert. Remember poems do not have to rhyme, they are just an effective way of describing something in great detail. Of course, you can rhyme yours if you like!

How ‘FAB’ are you! Video activity

Tell Mrs Subritzky and I just how fabulous you are! Fill out the activity sheet below on how amazing you are and then pick three things from this sheet and put them on the ice lolly template and decorate. We would love to see a video or photo of you on Seesaw telling us just how fab you are! It would be great to receive something from each of you, as we think it will be a nice way to mark the start of Year 4.

We are so excited to see you all in September. Have a wonderful summer!