For children moving into Y6 RD (September 2020)

Welcome to Year 6!

We are so excited to teach you during your last year of primary school. Year 6 is both an important and special time, and there are lots of great things to look forward to!

Here are some activities to help us get to know you, and to assist you with the transition to Year 6. On Seesaw, you can find some clips with us introducing ourselves, and a place for you to show us your pictures and video clips. We would like to see some of the transition activities you complete at home!

Year 6 Transition Activities


Reading is an important part of Year 6. During the summer holidays, we encourage you to read as regularly as you can! Perhaps you will find a new favourite book? Here are some activities to help you get started, and a list of book recommendations.




A little bit extra…

If you are wanting to do a few more helpful things at home, here are some skills you can be practising:

Spellings: Year 6s are assessed against all of the words on the Year 5/6 spelling list, which you can find here:

Times Tables: Times tables are useful, whichever year you are in! You can keep going on Times Table Rockstars, and testing yourself using the grid below. Try to be as speedy as possible!

Reading: Keep reading as regularly as possible at home. Try to explore different genres, and both fiction and non-fiction.