Reception Home Learning- W.B 20.4.2020

Hello children and welcome back!

I do hope you have enjoyed your Easter holidays. As you know, we have now started some online learning with Seesaw. Thank you to those who have already sent me pictures or little videos showing me what you have been doing. They have been lovely to see! Please don’t worry if you haven’t been able to send me anything yet. We are all getting used to Seesaw aren’t we?

There will always be plenty of home learning tasks here on the website for you to do and I will add some more activities to Seesaw over the next few weeks as well.


Here are some excellent websites offering free ebooks for you to read at home during the lockdown period.

READING PRACTICE This website from Oxford is brilliant and you will recognise many of the books. Our Reception children are across the range of Pink, Red, Yellow or Light Blue bands, so that will give you some guidance. Simply check the band on your child’s home book. Please ensure that if your child has read an ebook, that you indicate in the Reading Record and add your comments as you would normally. Thank you

SHARING BOOKS The website below is also free and offers a wealth of books on many subjects for you to share with your child. They are therefore excellent when following your child’s own interests. The books have an audio facility, so the story is automatically read aloud.

Phonics This week we are revising the digraph ‘ar’. Ask a grown up to go to- and they will find some of the games we do at school.

Try Buried Treasure. Click-Resources, Click-Phase 3, Click-Buried Treasure, START -Click+ar, and off you go!

For the Roll and Read game, you will need a dice and each time you roll a certain number, you have to read the ‘ar’ word on the mat that matches your dice number.

SUPERTATO This is our theme for the week and there are lots of fun activities to do, covering maths, writing, science and art. A grown up at home will help you choose which activities you are going to try. We loved looking at the book in school on World Book day, but if you can’t remember the story, a grown up can look on youtube and find the story being read there.

Please go to Click Early Years and you will see the SUPERTATO unit and the daily tasks.

Maths 1 I suggest you try the Great Veggie Race activity. ( DAY 3) Make a race track with numbers, e.g. outside with chalks or inside on paper and then experiment with rolling different vegetables. Ask a grown up first.

You can number your race track in 1s, 2s or even 10s! Which vegetable rolls the furthest? What number does each vegetable reach? Is it an odd or even number? Which is the largest/smallest number? What’s the difference between the largest and the smallest numbers?

You may like to find a way of recording your results on paper! A grown up can help you.

Maths 2 Try the Evil Pea Teacher (DAY 2) Can you spot which maths facts are correct?

Science – SUPERTATO (DAY 5) Try the potato and carrot experiments and watch what happens!

Art – SUPERTATO (DAY 4) Potato printing is always fun. Make some patterns-repeating or symmetrical. Can you describe your pattern to a grown up?

Writing – SUPERTATO First, design a superhero potato. You can download the activity below, or simple draw or paint your superhero. Then in your homework book, describe your superhero, using really exciting adjectives! Try to write whole sentences with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, Like this:- My superhero is brave and helpful.

Remember b and d. If you forget which way round they are, take a look at this poster.

What superhero powers does it have?

Could it be a supervillain? If so, what naughty powers would it have?