Reception Home Learning W.B 22.6.2020

Here we have another lovely Collective Worship from Father Nick and Lisa Horton.

We are pleased to bring you another, which is the story of Noah’s Ark, which can be found here:
Lisa Horton, our Children and Families Worker, has also produced an ‘Around the World’ Quiz, brought to you by Moses!: accompanying sheet with pictures on for writing answers is attached.

WRITING We are returning to fiction writing now, after concentrating on non-fiction for a few weeks.

The Enormous Turnip. Have a go at reading this ebook.

Here are two versions of the story to watch and listen to.

Be a storyteller!  Use this Story Map or the Story Stone pictures to help you retell the story. Show me on Seesaw

Write a mini-book !  Now see if you can write the whole story! Do a little bit each day. Parents can help you of course, but please remember these points.


  • Use your own phonics.
  • Try and spell tricky words correctly.
  • Read it back to yourself as you write.
  • Remember-capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

PHONICS This week we are looking at consonant clusters. First, look again at the vowels video from last week to remind you of what you were learning. Old MacDonald vowels

Play this gamePhase 4 CVCC Set 1-7 and then Set 1-7 plus digraphs consonant cluster with letter r  consonant cluster with letter l

MATHS Please keep practising with money and buying things in your shop, as last week. Also, here are two games we began to play in class this week.

Counting in 5s. This still needs lots of practice.

COMPUTING As we are very much living in an online world at the moment. Please take a look at this video, which also has some activities for you to try.

SCIENCE/FOREST SCHOOL This weekend (between 12pm Saturday 20th and 12pm Sunday 21st June) Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are holding a ‘Great Yorkshire Creature Count’. You can join in for just a short time or for as long as you like within the 24 hours, but they are challenging people in every corner of Yorkshire to look for and record all the different wildlife species they can see from their own doorsteps, whether that’s looking and listening out of a window, peering into and under pots and window boxes, exploring the nooks and crannies of a terraced yard, or scouring a leafy garden – they want to know what you see and where you see it! And they’re particularly interested to see whether more wildlife has actually returned whilst we’ve all been isolating inside.

Take photographs , draw and paint what you find and show me on Seesaw.

R.E. and ART We have been looking at Creation stories from the Christian and the Hindu faiths. Now let’s think about our beautiful world and say ‘Thank you’. Design a picture using handprints, which also has a ‘thank you’ message on it. Don’t forget to write what you are saying thank you for! Here’s some ideas for your artwork.

CHURCH LINKS A lovely children’s newsletter sent from Lisa Horton at St Nicholas Church, with some nice Father’s Day activities and links to the song Father Nick sang to us last week.