Reception Home Learning- W.B 27.4.2020

Hello again everybody! I have some lovely activities for you to do this week. I hope you enjoy them. Remember, just do what you can and don’t feel you need to do everything!

READING I have put the link to the Oxford website on this page from last week, as there are many ebooks you can do with a grown up. Remember to base them on your current reading band and remind your parents to write what you have done in your reading record please.


PHONICS This week we are looking at rhyming words. Here are some links to some rhyming books. One is read aloud to you and two are books your parents can read to you, with your help. Look out for rhymes!

What Pet Should I Get?

There is also a link on Seesaw to this story. Afterwards you might like to draw your dream pet in your homework book and write why you would like to have it! If you then type in ‘Rhyming’, you will find these delightful rhyming books to download and read.

Stop Telling Fibs’ and ‘Ronald the Rhino

Try these rhyming activities.

This week we are basing a lot of our learning on the book Night Pirates

Look at Early years week 2.

Please do any of the activities, but I particularly recommend these ones below.

MATHS We are looking at Positional language, with words like:- in front, behind, above, below, next to. Treasure Hunt ( Day 3) This looks a really fun activity and good way to develop correct mathematical positional vocabulary.

SCIENCE ( Day 2) ‘Walk the Plank’ floating and sinking experiment. Please record your results in your homework book or you can use this activity sheet I have made. Please work with a grown up.

ART AND CRAFT ( Day 4) We all love junk modelling! Design a pirate ship which will carry 5 pieces of treasure and can float!