Reception Home Learning W.B 29.6.2020

Thank you for all the lovely videos and photographs you are sending me in Seesaw. You and your parents are clearly working very hard!

MATHS/SHAPE,SPACE AND MEASURES Please keep practising your counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. There are many different youtube songs to help you. Counting in 2s Counting in 5s Counting in 10s forwards and backwards

Also, this week we are learning about time. Watch this video about the four seasons.   

Telling the time

Time Challenge-1 minute/3 minutes

Now try ‘half past’.

PHONICS Do cvcc set 1-7 and set 1-7 plus digraphs Phase 4 polysyllabic words in this game. Then try these missing word activities!

WRITING Imagine you are getting ready to have a party at home. What do you need to get ready? Make a list.

MUSIC AND ART The Four Seasons is a group of pieces by the Italian composer, Vivaldi. Here are some of them . Listen and watch . Which is your favourite piece of music and why? Paint a picture of your favourite. Talk about your ideas with a grown up. Show me on Seesaw.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

DAISY SCIENCE Mrs Gilderdale’s favourite flower! Try this experiment.