Reception Home Learning W.B 6.7.2020

A MESSAGE FROM MRS GILDERDALE Hello children! I am writing this special message to you because this marks the last week where you will be following the home learning from me, as Reception children! Next week Miss Jarvis, your new teacher, will be sending through home learning activities, which will be all about getting ready to be a year one! There is a new Seesaw page set up for this and you can send your photographs and videos to that. I know Miss Jarvis will be delighted to receive these and she is looking forward to getting to know you.

I would just like to say a very big thank to all of you for being such a wonderful class this year. Mrs Midgley and I have loved teaching you and we have lots of happy memories of all the fun time we have had together. You have learned so much and grown so much over the year and I am very proud of you! If there are any memories of your Reception year you would like to share with me, please do put them on our class Seesaw page. It will be lovely to see them!

I would also like to express my appreciation and thanks to all you parents who have done a wonderful job, not only in producing such delightful children, but also in the immense amount of work you have put into the home learning over the past few weeks. I realise it must have been a real challenge at times, but a huge well done to you all! Your hard work has really paid off! Thank you

Finally, I am posting this youtube Collective Worship from Father Nick and Lisa Horton. It is all about friendship and it links in so well with our theme this week on Rainbows and Hope for a caring world. Enjoy!

This week many of us are back in school with us for four days. The work below is what we are doing in class, but for those children doing full home learning, please follow this.

I will * work which we will not do in school and this can be the Wednesday learning if you would like to try it.

END OF THE RECEPTION YEAR! WRITING Talk with a grown up about your memories of being in Reception. Here is an End of Year Booklet for you to complete.


Watch and listen to this story of the Rainbow Fish. The story has a message about being kind to others and sharing.

WRITING  Make a special Kindness List, showing things you could do to make others happy.

WRITING/RE   Rainbows are a sign of hope. Write a prayer or a reflection about what you hope for in the future, to make the world a lovely place to live in.

R.E  Hope and Rainbows

The Story of Noah’s Ark. Watch this video. It’s a story from the Old Testament in the Bible. Look out for the rainbow!

MATHS  This week we are working on subtraction ( taking away) These games will be good for you to practise.

Subtraction to 10

Fruit Splat, Levels 1 and 2

Mental Maths Train

You will need some cubes/lego pieces/pebbles or anything you can use to help you work these subtractions out. Also, please use your number track and do counting back, to help you take away.

ART Paint and decorate your own beautiful Rainbow fish

*ART  Draw or paint a picture of yourself at school with your friends and Mrs Midgely and Mrs Gilderdale!

*CRAFT Look at the lovely newsletter from St Nicholas Church. It’s all about friendship. Maybe you could try and make a friendship bracelet.

*MUSIC   Over the Rainbow. This lovely song is from the film The Wizard of Oz.

Listen to the two versions of the song I have given you.  The second one is combined with another lovely song called What a Wonderful World. Which version do you like best and why? Can you tell me why the songs make you feel hopeful?

YOGA We have been enjoying doing some Cosmic Yoga with the children in school. Here is the link if you would like o have a go at some of the sessions.

PHONICS Let’s continue doing consonant blends. Here are two videos to help you in your home learning. Blends with ‘s’



Try this lovely experiment to make your own and then keep looking up into the sky to see a real one! I hope you do!