Reception Homework W.B 8.6.2020

Off we go again with another week of home learning! You are all doing so well and I am really enjoying everything you are sending me on Seesaw. Keep up the good work! It was lovely to see some of you back at school last week and I am looking forward to seeing more of you this week. The online learning I am setting is for you all to use, whether or not you are in school for part of the week. I am planning separate, but theme/objective related activities for teaching and learning in school, which will supplement all work done at home.

WRITING NON FICTION, re-capping our phonics so far. This week I would like you to continue your non fiction writing. You will be allowed to choose any theme that interests you! Remember to use your phonics, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.! I can see you have some interesting non-fiction books at home to inspire you, or you can use the internet ( with parents) .

MATHS-REVISION Keep your skills sharp with this odds and evens coconut game!

MATHS LEARNING Counting in 2s ( and days of the week revision) Home activity 1 Collect pairs of things from around the house. Lay them out and count them in twos. I wonder what number you will get to? That’s up to you! Show me on Seesaw

Count in 2s video 2 x tables

Home activity 2 Try these worksheet challenges.

HALVES Give me Half! By Stuart Murphy fractions-halves-video half video Home Activity 3

Home activity 4 Find sets of 2 matching containers. eg 2 cups, 2 jugs, 2 pots. Get some water and see if you can fill each set equally so each is half full. Check-Are they both the same? Show me on Seesaw.

SCIENCE MAKE A TOY ZIP WIRE! This needs adult supervision at all times. Show me what you have done on seesaw if you can.

MUSIC AND CRAFT Let’s return to this website and look at the songs again. This week I would like you to practise using ‘Make some noise’. Listen to the sounds of the different instruments. How are they different? Now try and make your own musical instruments to play. We once made shakers at school using different seeds, but you could try again or have a go at other instruments. I have attached some ideas here for you, but please invent your own!

Now go to our school Monday’s Melodies and play along to the songs

Tell me about your instrument. What is it made from? Do you tap it or shake it or scrape it or pluck it? Can you use some adjectives to describe its sound? Show me in Seesaw.

R.E CREATION STORIES This week I am going to show you a Hindu creation story. What is the same as the Christian creation story? What is different? . Draw or paint a picture to show me your favourite part of the story. Here is a further video to show you a little about how Hindus worship.