Y1 Home Learning W.B 6.7.2020

Hello Year 1 and welcome, you’ve made it to the final week of Year 1! It’s both with great pride and sadness that I will wish you well this week as you move into your new challenge of Year 2. You’ve learnt so many important lessons, not just about maths and phonics, but about yourselves too. Most of all I hope you remember the fun you’ve had and take forward you joy, determination and growth mindset as you move to Year 2.

In this very final week we’ve got lots of fun ahead – and of course some important learning too! You didn’t think I’d stop in the final week did you?! We’ll be learning poems to perform, recapping some important maths and of course making the most of doing learning projects for the last time. Alongside this, we’ll have our own Sports Day and have whole day of South American fun, making masks, chocolates and finally finishing our day with a big carnival celebration!!

As many children are going back 4 days a week I’ve split it into School Learning and some bonus Wednesday extras which are more designed as a bit of fun to wrap up our year, so much like in previous weeks if you are coming into school please don’t attempt any of the school learning as we will cover this.

Lastly, there’s a couple of challenges to think about the year you’ve had – we will send these home with the children who are in school so if you want to add these to their Seesaw as a final log of their year and so I can see it too (and add a comment) that would be lovely.

Parents thank you all for your continued support and kids you’ve been a fabulous class full of smiles, enthusiasm and joy and I will be truly saddened to say goodbye.

For the very last time…Enjoy your week Year 1 and I can’t wait to see what you get up to!


School Learning:

Wednesday Bonus Fun!

School Learning:

English: Poetry

For a bit of fun in our English this week we’re going to have a go at learning and performing some poetry! If you’re at home, please do share your finished result with me on Seesaw.

1.Get Inspired:

2. Tips on Performing: Watch this video for some tips from famous author Michael Rosen on performing poems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvV23xoZRkI &

3. Pick a Poem and Start Learning! Take a look at the attached poems, choose one and practise performing it! When you’re done, why not record your performance for me on Seesaw.

English: End of Year Writing

Your chance to reflect on the year you’ve had and bring it to a close by remembering your best bits.

1.Share Your Best Bits: Discuss and share your best bits of Year 1. What did you enjoy the most? What are you most proud of? What was the best things you learnt? Why not record some of your ideas and share these on Seesaw. See my Seesaw video for an introduction/ a reminder of the fun we’ve had!

2. What I Loved in Y1 Activity: Fill in the attached activity writing about your favourite bits of Year 1. This is also available on Seesaw along with the above video.


As our final maths activity in Year 1 we are returning to a challenge we found rather tricky earlier in the year: fact families. The challenge here is for children to understand how the number sentences are linked, rather than just moving numbers and guessing! I’ve tried to approach this from a different angle using real stories (in an attempt to avoid the guess work) in the first activity and the second is more conventional.

1.Fact Families:

  • INTRO: Recap your addition and subtraction skills with some quick fire mental addition and subtraction practise. You could also write some simple sums in your book or try the ones attached.
  • RECAP: Take a look at this BBC Learning page to introduce the idea: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zkd98xs AND/OR this White Rose explanation on Week 3 Lesson 2 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/
  • ACTIVITY: Story Telling Fact Families: Take a look at the attached activity of this title and have a go at matching the stories with their related facts, acting out each story as you go to help solidify understanding OR use this as inspiration to come up with some stories and linked fact families of your own.

2. Fact Families Consolidation: Complete the two fact families activities attached to consolidate your knowledge. If you didn’t watch both videos from the previous day you could watch one now.

3. EXTRA: Try this fun online game: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/number-facts/number-fact-families AND/OR Play the attached Fishing for Fact Families game.


In our final journey around our wonderful world, this week we are stopping off in South America! As well as lots to learn it’s a great chance for a carnival party!

1.Introduction to South America:

2. Mapping South America: Using the blank map, how much of the map can you label? Can you add continents, oceans? Can you identify where in South America Brazil is and Chile? Use an atlas or online maps to help.

3. Chocolate Brigadeiro Making: Have a go at making these traditional Brazilian chocolate truffles (note: in school I will be pre-making the mix ready for children to roll and decorate – adults, be warned the mix gets very hot if you do make it with your children). https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/brazilian-chocolate-truffles-brigadeiro

4. Carnival Headdress/ Mask Making: Use the attached template or make your own using colours, sparkles, feathers or anything else you having lying around!

5. Carnival Celebration: Put together masks, music and chocolates for your own carnival celebration!

6. EXTRA CHALLENGE: Have a go at the attached reading comprehension on the rainforest.


1.Sports Day: Have your own sports day! Do some races, compete in your family and have fun!

2. Friday 10 O’clock is Dance Time! We’ve loved having a bit of a dance in Year 1 and while we can’t all be together right now, on Friday 10th at 10 O’clock in school we’re going to all dance at the same time to one of our favourite songs! If you’re at home please join us too! This is the video, if you want to practise in advance please do, otherwise just turn it on at 10 and have fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNog54ovi8Q&vl=en

Learning Projects

As this is the final week of Year 1, this will be your final week of learning projects so if there’s something you want to learn now is your chance!

Wednesday Bonus Fun:

When you’re not in school on Wednesday you might want to take a look at some of these fun activities to help celebrate the fun year you’ve had.

1.My Year in a Collage: Create a collage all about you using own magazines, leaflets or printouts. You could try to think about all the things you’ve learnt this year (both in and out of school) and include those (e.g. animals from the Wildlife Park, a bike, your favourite book etc). See the attached ideas sheet to get you started.   

2. Teach me something! Teach me the most important lesson you’ve learnt this year OR teach me something you’ve loved. You could do this with a video on Seesaw or you could write or draw something if you prefer.

3. Story Time: Supertato – Watch my Supertato Seesaw video to enjoy the final story of Year 1!