Y4 Homework W.B 8.6.2020

Hello Year 3 and Year 4, well done for getting right back into work this week. We have been delighted to see how much effort you have all been putting into your home tasks. We have already seen some fantastic Roman armour designs and quite ingenious musical instruments made from junk.

This week, alongside weekly spelling practice, reading and timetables practice on TTRockstars, you will find a SPAG activity and four White Rose Maths lessons. At the bottom of the page, you will also find a range of activities and tasks from the non-core subjects. Alongside this, BBC bitesize are putting up daily lessons from every subject. Just click on the link below, find your year group and choose what subject you want to learn about! The Maths videos will now appear in this website link as White Rose Maths have teamed up with BBC Bitesize. Please check for any weekly changes under the Maths section.


A message to Parents/Guardians: Whilst there is a range of activities from across the curriculum on the school website for your child/children, please note that there is no expectation for them all to be completed. We encourage the children to do as much as they can but we also understand, and from all the wonderful photos and videos on Seesaw, that children are following their own interests during this time and working hard on different projects at home alongside their home learning. Which is great to see!

 Year 4

SPAG activityCommas

Have a look at the Powerpoint explaining the use of commas. We have included some questions and the answers to accompany the Powerpoint. There is also a booklet on Fronted adverbials booklet.

White Rose Maths topic– Number

Please note we are doing alternative lessons to Week 7 on The White Rose Home Learning site this week. There is a document below which contains weblinks to this weeks videos.

  • Lesson 1 – 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s
  • Lesson 2 – Add two 4-digit numbers – no exchange
  • Lesson 3 – Add two 4-digit numbers – one exchange
  • Lesson 4 – Add two 4-digit numbers – more than one exchange

English and History – History Hackers   Roman Rescue eBook

Your writing this week is connected to your Science work on the digestive system. Please see the Science section to find out what you need to do.

We continue to have a daily reading focus based on the book called Roman Rescue. We would like you to work through the chapters below at your own pace or ask someone, if you need help, to read you some more of the book.

We have included all of the book so far but you will have already heard Chapters 1-5 on the videos last week. First, read Chapter 6 before moving on to the next part of the story.  There are questions about the next two sections of the book but we do not expect you to do them both….. unless you want to! Choose the section you would like to focus on, answer the questions on the book orally, write them down if you’d like, or just read the story. It is up to you! Have you recognised any of the places in York that have been mentioned yet?

Writing in Science- The Human Digestive System

Last week, we asked you to draw and label the digestive tract. This included explaining what each part of the body does.

 This week, we would like you to write a diary entry as though you were a piece of food about to be eaten from being picked up and put into the mouth.  There is an attached pdf file to help you with your ideas. You will also find the links from last week to help you in this task.



Geography – My links with the world

Where did it come from?

Have a look around your house to find objects and food items to explore the places they have travelled from. Is your pasta from Italy? Where was your t-shirt made?

Which items and objects have come from Europe? Use an atlas to help you and colour these in green on your sheet.

Once you have completed the activity, you could work out how many miles or kilometres that item has travelled for it to go from where it was made to your house. What item has travelled the furthest?

Religious Education

This term we will be looking at what we can learn from different religions about deciding what is right and wrong. Have a look at the attached worksheet to learn about an idea called ‘Pay it Forward’ and then complete the activity.

Art  – Mosaics

The floors of Roman buildings were often richly decorated with mosaics. Mosaics were made from tiny coloured stones which they called tesserae. Mosaics have been found that show scenes of history, as well as everyday Roman life. Look at the Powerpoint below to discover more about them.

We have added on some sheets which you can use as a template for designing your own mosaic. We would like you to design one to show ‘lockdown’. For example, this might be a rainbow, something from your everyday life or a slogan from this time. Afterwards, you might like to try the other task of cutting up small squares of coloured paper to create your mosaic. Remember, if you don’t have any coloured paper, you could cut coloured squares out of old magazines.


Here are some ideas for keeping active.

The first one is called Around the sock

It is a personal fitness activity where the aim is to try to activity over a couple of days or a week and see if you can improve your score. It looks tricky and we are not sure whether we could do it! https://youtu.be/c9lm8Y7koqE

Make sure that you stay safe and ensure that you have plenty of room to do the activity. Perhaps you could get someone to video you doing it and post it to Seesaw.

The second one for this week is called Throw tennis. This is a tactical game to play with another person. This could be an adult or another child in your house. There is a video to watch and a sheet to help you.


French – Hobbies and Holidays

Last week we asked you to have a go at learning the song ‘Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?’ or ‘When is your birthday?’ We have added the link in below in case you want to go back to it again.

This week we are going to be learning about the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). Please work through the Powerpoint below, clicking on the sound bites to hear the correct word pronunciation. There is a Wheel of the four seasons for you to complete, with illustrations of things you associate with that month of the year. If you can’t print out the sheet you could draw your own wheel by drawing round a plate.

This is the link to ‘Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?’ song.



On Seesaw this week you will also find the following activities:

French – An activity on the seasons using the features in Seesaw

Go Noodle – To get you up and active. Can you get other people to join in with you?

Yoga – A mindful moment, as it is important to take time to unwind and focus on yourself.

Danny Dread – More story time with Mrs Todd.