Year 1 Home Learning Projects


Specific weekly activities can be found on the week-by-week pages, however below are some tasks which we complete regularly or which you may want to try at any time.


If by now you’ve got though all the reading books sent home and are finding yourself stuck for more reading why not try this website:

Here you can access lots of free ebooks in all the different book band colours. If you feel your child is getting on well and is ready to move up a colour remember to check their understanding of the books first – this is equally as important as word recognition/ sounding & blending. You could ask yourself:

  • Do they know the plot (not just from the pictures)?
  • Can they infer any meaning (e.g. how do you think they felt)?
  • Can they make some simple predictions?
  • Can they ask and answer how and why questions?


Below are some flashcards that can be used to help your child with rapid recall of the sounds. We try to practise these every day so the more often you can show these to your child the better.

In addition to this you can now access a fantastic website where children can play a wide range of phonics games: Follow the instructions at the top to log in and then head for Phase 5.

Learning Projects:

In the classroom we always pair weekly learning with our own Learning Projects – I have put a suggested list of these to give you an idea, however as in the classroom we are more than happy for the children to invent their own projects. To support them you may wish to consider how writing, maths or scientific knowledge could be added into their idea (e.g. can they write about it afterwards or do they need to use money as part of it?). If you have any questions or would like any feedback please do not hesitate to email me on: [email protected]


Want to keep your child active? Try some of these popular activities we do in class:


Help your child develop their coding skill by visiting and completing Course A – logging your result in the document below:

Motivating Learning

To help motivate your child during this time why not download one of the following behaviour charts to help with your home learning or even make your own. I’ve also included a certificate template to help give extra rewards.