Year 1 Home Learning- W.B 23.3.2020

This week I have set some more fairy tale work in writing, some measuring work in maths and in phonics we are working on the “oo”/ “you” sound. Children can also continue workings on projects, their bean diaries, Code Studio and lots more (see the main Home Learning Projects page). Happy learning Year 1!


In phonics you may wish to work on reviewing the “oo”/ “you” sound with your child this week. As ever it’s useful to recap the all the sounds using the flashcards on the homepage as often as possible and you may wish to supplement your learning with games from


This week I’ve set some more fairy tale work. The first activity is to read and compare lots of fairy tales – I have included some on the website should you not have copies at home. Following this you could encourage your child to write their own fairy tale, including the features you listed. To help, you could use the storyboard activity below or take an existing fairy tale and make one or two changes to make it your own e.g. The Three Little Penguins or Jessica and the Beanstalk.


Why not have a go at some measuring this week. I’ve attached a practical activity below, but you may also wish to get more practise with baking/ cooking. You will notice we initially start length measuring by measuring in a range of objects and talking lots about longer and shorter, before moving on to using standardised measures.


Hopefully your children’s beans are growing well, so they can continue their bean diary this week. In addition, they may wish to undertake a plant investigation exploring the different plants they can find in their garden or out and about or go on a tree hunt!