Year 3 Home Learning W.B 15.6.2020

Hello Year 3 and Year 4, we had a great time listening to and reading your diaries about food travelling through your bodies this week. Ewww!!  You also did really well solving the riddles, on Seesaw and thank you to those who challenged us with some of your own! We have enjoyed catching up with you and/or your parents by telephone and finding out about how you are spending your time. You continue to amaze us with all the fantastic things you are getting up to at home, alongside your work. Here are your suggested activities for this week.

This week, alongside weekly spelling practice, reading and timetables practice on TTRockstars, you will find a SPAG activity and four White Rose Maths lessons. At the bottom of the page, you will also find a range of activities and tasks from the non-core subjects. Alongside this, BBC bitesize are putting up daily lessons from every subject. Just click on the link below, find your year group and choose what subject you want to learn about! The Maths videos will now appear in this website link as White Rose Maths have teamed up with BBC Bitesize. However, please check under the maths section below to check for any weekly changes to the White Rose Homelearning plan. We may alter the online plan to recap some topic areas which we feel would be beneficial to the children.

A message to Parents/Guardians: Whilst there is a range of activities from across the curriculum on the school website for your child/children, please note that there is no expectation for them all to be completed. We encourage the children to do as much as they can but we also understand, and from all the wonderful photos and videos on Seesaw, that children are following their own interests during this time and working hard on different projects at home alongside their home learning. Which is great to see!

Year 3

SPAG activity

Can you use your SPAG skills to solve the mystery of the missing toga?

White Rose Maths topicMeasure  

Below is an activity sheet and the answers for each lesson.

  • Lesson 1 – Add lengths
  • Lesson 2 – Subtract lengths
  • Lesson 3 – Measure perimeter
  • Lesson 4 – Calculate perimeter

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

English and History – History Hackers   Roman Rescue eBook


Here are the last chapters of Roman Rescue for you to read or for someone else to read to you. We have included the reading comprehensions for these chapters for those children who want to complete them.


This week’s writing task allows you to use your imagination and write about something which interests you. We want you to write a story about Time Travel. You might find yourself travelling back in time…….or perhaps you decide to travel into the future.

Where will you go? You decide.

We have attached to give you some ideas and a writing scaffold below.


We really enjoyed seeing the work that you completed on the digestive tract. There were some great models, pictures and diagrams.

This week’s activity is an investigation. We would like you to have a go at the following task.

Creating an optical illusion.

This super simple optical illusion lets you turn two pictures into one!  Have a look at the attached pdf file to help you. We would love to see your optical illusions on Seesaw.

MusicCompetition time

This activity is connected to a project with the York Youth Orchestra and a piece of music called ‘Hall of The Mountain King’ by Grieg. The details of the competition/project are outlined in the document below.

Geography – My links with the world

Digimaps introduction – You will need the school login details

Our school user name is YO195QG (no spaces)

Our school password is hapsed4792

This week we would like you to use Digimaps, an online mapping tool. We want you to explore the website and find locations that you know.

Starting with Dunnington: Can you navigate your way around the village? Use the key tab on the left-hand side to help you to understand what map features you will see.

You could search for other places including where you have been on holiday or where you would like to visit one day.

Religious Education

This week we would like you to have a go at writing your own version of the Ten Commandments. There are hints and tips on the sheet.


Last week you had a go at designing your own Roman armour. All you need now to complete your outfit is your own shield. Once you’ve finished your design you could make the actual shield out of cardboard and paint on your design.

Art  – David Hockney Art – Sketching with technology

This week for art, there is set a task on Seesaw, with examples, based around the iPad drawing of David Hockney. 

We would like you to have a go at creating your own ‘drawing’ using technology, if possible. You could do it on an iPad by using a painting app or on Microsoft paint on the computer. If you don’t want to use technology, then you can create a similar effect with bright felt-tip pens or paints, remembering to leave the brush strokes visible.

Hockney mainly draws landscapes using this method but you may choose to do your garden, what you can see out of your window or an everyday object that is in your house.

PE- North Yorkshire School Games

Due to the North Yorkshire School Games being cancelled, we are going to take part in running some virtual competitions to give our school the chance to become County winners. The first of the 2 competitions is Athletics. Please see the information below from Mrs Rowntree if you would like to take part. We are inviting all children from our school in KS2 to have a go and then Kevin Davies (Partnership Manager) will look at our results and choose the top 3 boys and top 3 girls in each age group. The link is in the document for where you need to send your results.


Here are some more ideas for keeping active. We hope you enjoyed having a go at last week’s challenges. Did any of you manage to beat your score on Around the Sock?

The first one is called The Sock Challenge. There is a bit of a theme going on here!

Watch the video. It is not as easy as it looks. You could make it more difficult by adding in more sheets of paper.

Make sure that you stay safe and ensure that you have plenty of room to do the activity. Perhaps you could get someone to video you doing it and post it to Seesaw.

The second one for this week is called On the move. This is an activity that you could complete in the house or in the garden but make sure you ensure that you have enough room. If the challenge is too difficult to start with, you could do repetitions of 5 instead of 10 or if it is too easy, you could increase the repetitions

Post your results on Seesaw. It would be good to hear from you.

French – Hobbies and Holidays

This week we are going to look at how to say what the weather is like in different countries.


Can you use Digimaps to find the countries mentioned in the Powerpoint and add a pin and note, labelling them in French?


Danny Dread – More story time with Mrs Todd.

This weeks riddles and brainteasers by Year 3/4 class members

David Hockney Art task instructions

Just for fun – A link to make an origami cat