Year 4 Home Learning- W.B 1.6.2020

Hello Year 3 and Year 4, we hope that you have had a lovely half term. We have enjoyed watching your videos and seeing all the new things that you have been getting up to. It is hard knowing that we won’t be starting the new half term together in school but we ask you to continue to work hard and stay focussed even when working at home. We have been so proud of everything you have accomplished so far and we are excited to see what else you can achieve in the coming weeks. We can do this together!

This week, alongside weekly spelling practice, reading and timetables practice on TTRockstars, you will find a SPAG activity and four White Rose Maths lessons. At the bottom of the page, you will also find a range of activities and tasks from the non-core subjects. Alongside this, BBC bitesize are putting up daily lessons from every subject. Just click on the link below, find your year group and choose what subject you want to learn about! The Maths videos will now appear in this website link as White Rose Maths have teamed up with BBC Bitesize.

A message to Parents/Guardians: Whilst there is a range of activities from across the curriculum on the school website for your child/children, please note that there is no expectation for them all to be completed. We encourage the children to do as much as they can but we also understand, and from all the wonderful photos and videos on Seesaw, that children are following their own interests during this time and working hard on different projects at home alongside their home learning. Which is great to see!

Year 4

SPAG activity – Contractions. Please follow the PowerPoint and complete the task at the end which is rewriting the paragraph with contractions in.

White Rose Maths topic– Fractions

There are several activities on BBC Bitesize connected to each maths lesson. In addition, we have given you the White Rose activity sheets which match the videos. Select which activity or activities you would like to complete, after watching the video.

  • Lesson 1 – Add 2 or more fractions  Insert sheets and asnwers
  • Lesson 2 – Subtract 2 fractions
  • Lesson 3 – Fractions of a quantity
  • Lesson 4 – Calculate quantities

English and History – History Hackers   Roman Rescue eBook

This week there is a daily reading focus based on a book called Roman Rescue. You will find a worksheet to work through whilst you watch the video and an additional activity to complete once you have listened to the chapter.

  • Lesson 1 – Chapter 1
  • Lesson 2 – Chapter 2
  • Lesson 3 – Chapter 3
  • Lesson 4 – Chapter 4
  • Lesson 5- Chapter 5


What kind of music do you think the Romans listened to? What instruments did they play? Read through the Powerpoint below, which is all about Roman musical instruments. Can you design your own Roman musical instrument from things you can find around the house? Perhaps you could share a photo of it on Seesaw, describing how you made it and the materials you used.

Science- The Human Digestive System

This week’s task also relates to digestion and builds on your knowledge from previous tasks. The webpages below may help you come up with some ideas.

On a large piece of paper, we would like you to draw the outline of a body shape and draw in different parts of the digestive system and then label what each part does. Try to use scientific vocabulary and think carefully about the size and shape of each part. We would love to see these labelled diagrams on Seesaw.

Design and Technology – Awesome Armour

Have you ever wanted to design your own armour? Now is your chance. Click on the link below to open a brochure which tells you all about the armour that Roman legionaries wore. Next, sketch your initial design ideas and label your drawing with the materials you intend to use. Think how you will make them look like iron and leather. How will you join the materials together? By the end of the project you will have designed, made and evaluated your own Roman armour.

Geography – My links with the world

Make a list of all the countries that you have a link with. There are lots of examples on the activity sheet to help you.

How many links will you have with the world?

Do you have a link with a place that you do not know much about? If so, can you research the place and create a tourist information poster all about it, including lots of facts and pictures.

Religious Education TBC

French – Hobbies and Holidays

This is the link to a French song called ‘Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?’ or ‘When is your birthday?’ It is a great way of learning the months of the year, in French and in the right order. Follow the link to the song and have a go at learning the song this week.

There is also a French game to play about the months of the year. You will need a die.


On Seesaw this week you will also find the following activities:

Go Noodle – To get you up and active. Can you get other people to join in with you?

Yoga – A mindful moment, as it is important to take time to unwind and focus on yourself.

Danny Dread – The next exciting instalment in our story.