Year 5 Home Learning- W.B 4.5.2020

Hi Year 5! We hope you are continuing to enjoy your home learning and it is fantastic to see all of your videos and photos on Seesaw showing us all that you have all been up to. We really do miss you all.

This week it does look like there is lots of work on here, but remember these are all here as activities for you to do if you can, so please don’t worry if you don’t get through them all. Maybe you could do some a different week. We just don’t want you to be bored!!

In addition to the usual Maths and English, there is French, a fun Art challenge, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy, and a link to some PE challenges and competitions if you fancy those. Don’t forget it is also 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday and there are lots of History challenges and fun tasks (including a great Dunnington School picture quiz!) to complete on the dedicated page of our website. Enjoy and remember to show us what you’ve been up to on Seesaw!



You may want to take a look at this week’s picture news…


This week’s French will look at clothes. If you follow the PPT and click on the links you can hear how each of the words should be pronounced. If you want to, there is a labelling task to complete alongside it – paying close attention to masculine and feminine nouns. For part of the task you will need a French – English dictionary or you can use to look up words. Have a go if you can!

Art Fun Challenge

This Art challenge is a fun task to help you become more familiar with some famous art work by famous artists. Have a go if you can. Note: You don’t need to do Step 4 of the challenge, which is to upload to Twitter – instead please share them with us on Seesaw! We’d love to see what you manage to re-create. You might also want to find out and share a little bit about the original painting you choose too!

PE Competitions!

Have a look at these challenges Mrs Rowntree has sent through. The first is a series of weekly challenges which you can get involved in and which look great fun. These are on their own page of the website (Go to Children – North Yorkshire Sport Virtual Challenge for all the details)

The second is a competition from the Brownlee Foundation to help Alistair Brownlee stay motivated during lockdown. All the details are attached above if you wanted to enter. Closing date is 31st May so there’s plenty of time to enter if you want to.