Year 1 Homework

Below is some information about the homework in Year 1:

  • Reading at home We always greatly appreciate you spending time reading with your child at home and it has a noticeable impact on their reading ability as the school year progresses. When reading at home, please record details of your child’s reading books in their reading record along with any comments you feel are necessary and sign to say when a book has been completed. Please be aware that as well as developing the phonic skills for reading, we are also developing your child’s comprehension of the texts they read and therefore your child may need to re-read reading books for reinforcement as they move through the colour band, to ensure they are confident with any new words and have a good level of comprehension of the text.
  • Spellings- Children will be given a weekly spelling list on a  Tuesday/Wednesday to practise at home. They will be given an informal test on these words the following week.


  • How to help your child at home- Many parents are keen to support their child’s learning at home and so we have provided the following materials aid you in helping your child at home. All the materials detailed below are available to download from the main Year 1 area of the website.
    • Coloured Reading Target Sheets– These are stuck into your child’s reading record and give guidance towards the particular reading skills they are developing so are useful to refer to when reading and discussing books with your child.
    • Reading Question Mat– This gives good examples of types of questions to ask your child when you read with them at home. This ensures they develop their comprehension skills as well as their decoding skills for reading.
    • High Frequency Words for Reading and Spelling– This lists the first 100 high frequency words for reading and spelling.
    • Phonics Rainbows of Sounds– These dyslexia-friendly ‘rainbows of sounds’ give the phase 3 and phase 5 sounds that we would expect most pupils to recognise and decode within words by the end of year 1.
    • KS1 Maths Mat– This is a useful table top mat, containing a 100 square, that can be used by your child when doing maths homework as well as for reinforcing some key mathematical concepts and language.
  • If you have any questions about any of the homework then please feel free to get in touch with us. As always, we greatly value you supporting your child in their learning at home and thank you for all your continued efforts and support.