Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to our Year 1 web-pages. There’s always lots going on in our classroom so do visit our photos and homework pages too to find out more!

Curriculum Overviews

Staffing in Key Stage 1

The children in Years 1 and 2 are organised in three classes supported by Mr Gargiulo as the phase leader.  

In the Autumn term Miss Jarvis will be teaching Year 1 and will be supported four mornings per week by Mrs Perks (teaching assistant).

Mrs Lockwood will be teaching on Thursday mornings to enable Miss Jarvis to take statutory non-contact PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time.

Our Teaching and Learning

In year 1 the learning style encourages a smooth transition from EYFS, taking gradual steps towards a more formal learning style by steadily building children’s resilience, independence and stamina throughout the year. There is a strong focus on wellbeing and developing positive learning behaviours, alongside their academic skills. To enable this, children will still have access to various areas of provision that build on the skills they developed in Reception. In Year 1, however, we will progress this into more focused learning and children will instead begin to undertake their own Learning Projects. These projects will be self-chosen, allowing children to continue to be motivated by their own interests and these will help them to achieve the Year 1 curriculum via focused teacher feedback and provision enhancements.

Alongside these projects, various topics will help us to enhance our learning experience throughout the year and aid our learning in foundation subjects, a full list of these alongside our long-term plan, which you can find below.

In addition, phonics makes up a very important part of the Year 1 experience. Children will take part in phonics sessions on a daily basis, gradually moving through all of the possible sounds. In Year 1 it is also a national requirement for all children to complete the Phonics Screening Check in summer. This is simply a list of real and alien (made up) words for the children to read and we ensure that it is administered in a very relaxed fashion, as we feel it is important for children not to feel pressured by this.

Another exciting development in Year 1 is in handwriting, with children moving to a full cursive style of handwriting using a lead-in as well as a lead-out. Children will practise this regularly at school and a template is available on our homework page to help you support this practise at home.

Throughout the year, PE will also take place twice every week where possible and we ask that you please ensure PE kit is in school every day to allow this to happen and that children with long hair bring bobbles. It should also be noted that girls with pierced ears must be able to remove their own earrings as this is something staff are unable to support.


If you feel there is something you would like to discuss with me (that is not urgent), please drop me an email. Please remember that while I endeavour to check my e-mail on a daily basis this may not always be possible so please be patient. For issues requiring urgent attention please contact the school office or catch me in the playground. Although we cannot meet in school at present, if you would like to arrange a telephone meeting please send me an email and we can schedule this in.

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