Dunnington Netball Report

Dunnington School played netball at Fulford Secondary on Tuesday the 20th February. There were three teams: the reds, the blues and the yellows.

The Reds:

The Dunnington reds won all their matches and qualified to the final. They were an extremely strong team and displayed excellent passing and shooting skills.
Unfortunately, the final result was 1-0 to Wheldrake; this was disappointing but they had played their best throughout.

The Blues:

The first game was against the Dunnington reds! Unfortunately, the Dunnington reds were a strong team and the first match was lost. The second game was lost too but they managed a draw in the third match and shooter Freddie M scored. In the fourth game the blues won by 2-0 with two amazing shots by the shooter Evan R. In the fifth game it was another win with star shooter Isobel D scoring the winning goal at the last minute.

The Yellows:

In the first match the blues won 3-1 against Bishopthorpe with Charlie N opening the score. Although a goal was conceded, Raffi B scored two outstanding goals to wrap up the game. The next two matches were won with Sam T scoring in the second game and Harrison B scoring in the last. Unfortunately, the team was all boys which meant that they couldn’t qualify; however, it was an overall brilliant performance. Match reports by: Evan, Isobel, Sam, Charlie, Raffi, Harrison and Will