Reception Home Learning- W.B 1.6.2020

Welcome back everybody and I do hope you have had a good half term. This week we have a variety of lovely learning activities for you to try at home. Some of you will be in school on Thursday and Friday and you will be doing learning to supplement everything I have put on here .

READING Fiction and Non-Fiction First, watch this video about fiction and non fiction. We have talked about the difference over the year, but this is just a reminder!

Sorting Task Take a look around the house to find books which are fiction or non fiction and sort them into two groups. Show me on Seesaw what you have done and explain why. Take a look at the non fiction books. What do they all have and why do they have these features? Talk about it with a grown up.

Stories this week are both by Julia Donaldson and we are basing much of our learning around these. Don’t forget to listen out for rhyming words!

The Snail and the Whale


WRITING I would like you to find out as much as you can about snails. Ask a grown up to help you use the internet or look at the online book suggestions I have been giving you in previous weeks to find a non fiction book about snails. Then make your own little non fiction book called All About Snails. Or you can use the worksheet here to write on.

Don’t forget a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop in your sentences and SOUND IT OUT….SEARCH IT OUT…. WRITE IT OUT AND READ IT! You could read your facts out to me on Seesaw.

PHONICS This week we are looking at trigraph ure. Here we go with Geraldine! She’s on good form today!! Also, let’s look at Mr Thorne .

NUMBER We will be looking at the Superworm Unit Activity 2. Can you see the worms look like number tracks? Draw your own and fill in numbers in order. Start and different numbers. Count forwards or backwards. You could do giant number tracks outside and draw them with chalks! Challenge 1 See if you can do it without your real number track to help! Challenge 2 Try one with larger numbers! You can use this 100 square to help you. Here are some other number track activities to try.

Snail and the Whale Activity 2 Can you work out the number problems? Make some up for your parents and see if they can get them right!

( Parents-if your child is due in this week, I’d be grateful if you didn’t do Activity 4 as we will be doing this in class. Other children can do this as their week’s home learning. Snail and the Whale Activity 5 Draw a map or make a 3D model of a snail’s journey. You can add anything you like. Find a snail shell if you can and retell your story, using the little shell. I’d like to hear your positional language again The snail went over the bridge and then next to the wood. Show me on Seesaw

ART AND CRAFT Design your own snail. Here are some ideas to inspire you, but feel free to create your own!

FOREST SCHOOLS AND SCIENCE Go hunting for minibeasts. You can use this minibeast sheet or you can do your own. Maybe do a tally!

We haven’t had rain for a long time have we? Try this fun experiment to show you how rain falls from clouds! Snails and worms like rain!