Reception Home Learning- W.B 4.5.2020

Hello everyone! I do hope you are all keeping well and busy and also enjoying lots of fresh air and sunshine!

Please ask your mums and dads to check our website under ‘Children’ to see some other lovely activities, which are suitable for the whole school.

These are:- Monday’s Melodies, VE Day activities, North Yorkshire Sports

PARENTS-I do appreciate you are all very busy at the moment, particularly if you are also working from home. Please do not feel under any pressure to complete every activity I put on here each week. Just do what you can, or indeed, if your child feels inspired to base his/her learning on a self chosen topic/project, then that is absolutely fine too, as it is all learning . You are all doing a brilliant job under quite challenging circumstances. Thank you!

However, if you can try and practise a little reading on a regular basis, that would be great. I refer you again to this excellent website with free ebooks.

R.E. AND FOREST SCHOOLS This half term our R.E topic is entitled , ‘What is special about our world?’ We will be focusing on the natural world and some creation stories from different world faiths.

PARENTS- I would like to draw attention to this very enlightening and informative explanation of R.E teaching in schools.

Do take a look at this lovely video about the natural world.

Nature’s wonders Look around in your garden or when you are on your walks and find 10 beautiful natural objects and make an arrangement of them. Now describe them . ( You don’t need to write-just talk) Perhaps make a video to send me. What makes them beautiful? Use all your senses. How do they make you feel?

May Crown You need a piece of card or thick paper for a band to go around your head. Then collect small, natural items to glue or sellotape around it. Ask a grown up to help you to make sure it fits. Send a picture if you can! Here are some ideas!

Over the next few weeks we will be basing our learning around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which I am sure you will all know well. This youtube clip shows the author reading it himself.

MATHS Let’s return to week 3/Early Years

I would like you to focus on ACTIVITY 1. Make a collection of cylinders from around your house and make an artistic arrangement with them! Then describe all their positions to a grown up ( practising again our positional language from last week)

ACTIVITY 2-Finger painting caterpillars, practising ‘more/less‘ and doubling numbers.

Here are some great doubling songs for you to practise too. and

WRITING When you have listened to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, have a go at writing your own version of the story, but making up your own foods for the caterpillar to eat. Don’t forget to add some really exciting adjectives! You can use this print-out I have made, or just write in your homework book.

Here is a fun ‘Days of the week‘song for you to sing along to!

PHONICS-This week we are practising our ‘ear’ trigraph. Let’s take a look at Geraldine Giraffe to help us! Then look in some books and see if you can spot this trigraph!

b and d writing. Skywriter will help to remind you how to write these letters.

MUSIC We love singing in our class. Go to:- for some really good warm ups for your voice and these will help you sing beautifully!

Then go to . This is called ‘Start Singing’ and go to Activity 2 where there are lots of lovely songs to sing along to. Have fun!