Easter Holidays Activities

We won’t be posting home learning for the Easter Holidays but here are some activities you might like to try…

  1. Who can make the longest marble run? For ideas visit: https://www.edenproject.com/learn/for-everyone/how-to-make-a-recycled-marble-run. You could take a photo of your finished product and if you use twitter post it with the hashtag #DunPSmarblerun
  2. Make a painting using a salad spinner! Visit here for more info and links to other great art projects: https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/make/paint-draw/spin-painting
  3. Why not try some scavenger hunts?

4. Easter Taskmaster & The Ultimate Easter Hunt! Fancy a challenge? Have a go at our Ultimate Easter Hunt, or completing a series of challenges in a family ‘Taskmaster’ game!

5. Mindfulness Egg Colouring. Fancy a bit of down time? Have a look at these Easter Egg colouring sheets. Alternatively, design your own Easter Egg.

6. Palm Sunday & Easter Week Resources

7. A fun Easter Quiz

8. More Easter Story ideas

Some lovely Easter stories and workshop activities from YOYO.


9. Easter Bonnet Challenge

Have a family competition. Who can make the best Easter bonnet? Use anything you can ( with your parents’ permission) to make it look colourful and fun!

10. Design a Dragon Competition (ends 15th April)

A competition being run by author and illustrator Cressida Cowell to design /create your own species of dragon. All information on how to enter and the winning prize are on the youtube link below.


11. The Mystery of the Contaminated Chocolate


Find out who sabotaged the Easter eggs with chilli oil! (Try not to look at the answers on the final page.)