Y4 Home Learning W.B 29.6.2020

Year 4 Home Learning w/c 29/6.20

Hello Year 3 and Year 4, Welcome to another week. We are so pleased with and proud of you all and your continued commitment to completing the online learning tasks that we set. We also hope that you are managing to find some online tasks to interest you. It has been great to see your alien designs, your alien words and your French greeting activities. We have continued to enjoy chatting to you and your parents and we particularly enjoy seeing the videos that you post on Seesaw. Don’t forget, we also love finding out about the other fun activities you have been doing.

This week’s activities include continuing with the Alien topic in English, another fantastic art project and another outside Science activity which should be fun.

This week, alongside weekly spelling practice, reading and timetables practice on TTRockstars, you will find a SPAG activity and four White Rose Maths lessons. At the bottom of the page, you will also find a range of activities and tasks from the non-core subjects. Alongside this, BBC bitesize are putting up daily lessons from every subject. Just click on the link below, find your year group and choose what subject you want to learn about! The Maths videos will now appear in this website link as White Rose Maths have teamed up with BBC Bitesize. However, please check under the maths section below to check for any weekly changes to the White Rose Homelearning plan. We may alter the online plan to recap some topic areas which we feel would be beneficial to the children. 


A message to Parents/Guardians: Whilst there is a range of activities from across the curriculum on the school website for your child/children, please note that there is no expectation for them all to be completed. We encourage the children to do as much as they can but we also understand, and from all the wonderful photos and videos on Seesaw, that children are following their own interests during this time and working hard on different projects at home alongside their home learning. Which is great to see!

Year 4

SPAG activity.

This week, you are learning about synonyms and antonyms. We have included a powerpoint to help.

White Rose Maths topic

This week’s lessons are to do with data and charts.

Monday 29th  June  – Interpret Charts

Tuesday 30th June- Comparison, Sum and Difference

Wednesday 1st July-Introducing Line Graphs

Thursday 2nd July- Line Graphs


We hope that you enjoyed the first week of Alien tasks We enjoyed seeing your aliens and the alien islands that you created. We will continue with this topic again this week.  Below is a copy of the whole booklet in case you need to see it again.

Monday 29th June

Tuesday 30th June

Wednesday 1st July

Thursday 2nd July

Friday 3rd July


We hope you all enjoyed completing your straw tasks We have certainly enjoyed seeing them on Seesaw.

This week’s science is also a practical activity which will once again involve you using “Working Scientifically” skills. It requires one main piece of equipment. This week it is foil.

 We will include the whole sheet on the website so you can choose which of the activities you would like to do. Try to take photos to put on Seesaw and note down any thing you noticed or any changes that you made

Geography – My links with the world

All the time in the world – To identify the position and significance of time zones (including day and night) by comparing times in different countries.

Calculate the time in different locations around the world using the Time Around the World Poster to help you. Complete on the Zones Activity Sheet, where you can choose to do the 1 star, 2 star or 3 star activity for a challenge!

1 star – compare times on the hour which do not cross midnight

2 star – compare times which do not cross midnight

3 star – compare times which may cross midnight

Extension activity: can you investigate the practice of changing the clocks for daylight saving time (DST).

Why do we do it? Do all countries do it?

Religious Education

This week, we are going to look at the story of Adam and Eve and in particular how they were tempted to do the wrong thing. Read through the story of Adam and Eve (or ask an adult to read it to you) and then answer the questions.



 Archaeologists and what they do

In every job there are a selection of tools that are used. This week you are going to take a closer look at the tools used by an archaeologist and what each tool is used for. Use the Powerpoint from last week if you need to. Then have a go at making a zig zag book, drawing different tools on each page with its name and use. Design your own front cover for your ‘Archaeology – Tools of the trade’ book.

Art  –

Mixed media collage

This week we would like you to create your own mixed media artwork.

Over the past few months, you have shown just how creative you all are, and we have really enjoyed seeing all the artwork that you have made. So, using your wonderful imaginations, we would like you to think of a place and recreate that in college.

It can be somewhere where you have been before, so you may be able to copy it from a photograph in front of you, or it can be completely made up and a place of fantasy!

Try to use a range of materials from old magazines and newspapers to envelopes, old books, wrapping paper and any other paper or card you can think of. When selecting pieces to use, look at the colours, patterns and text to find lines and shapes to suit your collage. You can cut the paper or tear it.

Have fun and we can’t wait to see what you produce!

I have added some more examples on Seesaw for you to look at to help with the inspiration.


Here are some more ideas for keeping active. We hope you enjoyed having a go at last week’s challenges. Did you enjoy The Sock Ladder Challenge?

The first one is called Speed Bounce Challenge. And yes there is a sock involved!

Make sure that you stay safe and ensure that you have plenty of room to do the activity.

See if you can improve the number of bounces you can do in the time allowed across the week. This looks like a tough one!

The second one is called Space Adventure which we thought would link to the alien topic!

It is activity number 27. Use your imaginations!

Post your results on Seesaw if you wish.

French – Hobbies and Holidays

We are continuing with the French Hobbies and Holidays theme. This time, we are thinking about who you go on holiday with.



Have a look at the BBC Ten Pieces Website.


This week’s activity is linked to creating a mythical creature although you could link it to the aliens in our English project. This music is played by the BBC Symphony orchestra and is about a creature called an A Bao A Qu. The music is written by Mason Bates.

Listen to the music and see if it helps you to create your own images and story. We look forward to seeing your music inspired creatures on Seesaw.


If you can, check on Seesaw because there may be additional activities on there to complete.

Danny Dread – The story is certainly getting exciting! Will Danny’s dad find out about Danny’s secret?