Year 6 Home Learning- W.B 18.5.2020

Hello Year 6! I hope that you are all well and are managing to complete some of the activities each week. Please keep posting to Seesaw as I love seeing what you have been doing at home. I am missing you lots.

A message to Parents/Guardians: Whilst there is a range of activities from across the curriculum on the school website for your child/children, please note that there is no expectation for them all to be completed. We encourage the children to do as much as they can but we also understand, and from all the wonderful photos and videos on Seesaw, that children are following their own interests during this time and working hard on different projects at home alongside their home learning. Which is great to see!

Home Learning Overview: WB 18th May

MATHS – Multiplying and Dividing Decimals


Friday Family Challenge

Maths Challenge Cards


Spelling – Words ending in -ibly

GrammarModal Verbs

Reading Comprehension

Writing – Debates

See the weekly overview for details

Picture News

Science Investigation


This week there is some French work relating to the last lesson we did in class learning the different vocabulary for items of clothing. Follow the Powerpoint (which includes a chance to refresh your memory on the words we learnt!) and then have a go at writing some sentences to describe what someone is wearing using the attached sheet. If you do want to share your work on Seesaw with Miss Dickenson, she will be able to forward any French work to me to look at! Mrs Elliott 🙂

PE – Jump Challenge

North Yorkshire Sport Virtual Challenges are activities you can do at home and compete against other children from the county of North Yorkshire. Follow the link and have a try!

Thematic Overview